Inherits: PacketPeer < Reference < Object

Inherited By: MultiplayerPeerGDNative, NetworkedMultiplayerENet, WebSocketMultiplayerPeer

Category: Core

Brief Description

A high-level network interface to simplify multiplayer interactions.


ConnectionStatus get_connection_status ( ) const
int get_packet_peer ( ) const
int get_unique_id ( ) const
void poll ( )
void set_target_peer ( int id )


  • connection_failed ( )

Emitted when a connection attempt fails.

  • connection_succeeded ( )

Emitted when a connection attempt succeeds.

  • peer_connected ( int id )

Emitted by the server when a client connects.

  • peer_disconnected ( int id )

Emitted by the server when a client disconnects.

  • server_disconnected ( )

Emitted by clients when the server disconnects.


enum TransferMode:

  • TRANSFER_MODE_UNRELIABLE = 0 — Packets are sent via unordered UDP packets.
  • TRANSFER_MODE_UNRELIABLE_ORDERED = 1 — Packets are sent via ordered UDP packets.
  • TRANSFER_MODE_RELIABLE = 2 — Packets are sent via TCP packets.

enum ConnectionStatus:

  • CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED = 0 — The ongoing connection disconnected.
  • CONNECTION_CONNECTING = 1 — A connection attempt is ongoing.
  • CONNECTION_CONNECTED = 2 — The connection attempt succeeded.


  • TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST = 0 — Packets are sent to the server and then redistributed to other peers.
  • TARGET_PEER_SERVER = 1 — Packets are sent to the server alone.


Manages the connection to network peers. Assigns unique IDs to each client connected to the server.

Property Descriptions

  • bool refuse_new_connections
Setter set_refuse_new_connections(value)
Getter is_refusing_new_connections()

If true this NetworkedMultiplayerPeer refuses new connections. Default value: false.

Setter set_transfer_mode(value)
Getter get_transfer_mode()

The manner in which to send packets to the target_peer. See TransferMode.

Method Descriptions

Returns the current state of the connection. See ConnectionStatus.

  • int get_packet_peer ( ) const

Returns the ID of the NetworkedMultiplayerPeer who sent the most recent packet.

  • int get_unique_id ( ) const

Returns the ID of this NetworkedMultiplayerPeer.

  • void poll ( )

Waits up to 1 second to receive a new network event.

  • void set_target_peer ( int id )

Sets the peer to which packets will be sent.

The id can be one of: TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST to send to all connected peers, TARGET_PEER_SERVER to send to the peer acting as server, a valid peer ID to send to that specific peer, a negative peer ID to send to all peers except that one. Default: TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST