Inherits: Sky < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Type of Sky that is generated procedurally based on user input parameters.

Member Variables

  • Color ground_bottom_color - Color of the ground at the bottom.
  • float ground_curve - How quickly the ground_horizon_color fades into the ground_bottom_color.
  • float ground_energy - Amount of energy contribution from the ground.
  • Color ground_horizon_color - Color of the ground at the horizon.
  • float sky_curve - How quickly the sky_horizon_color fades into the sky_top_color.
  • float sky_energy - Amount of energy contribution from the sky.
  • Color sky_horizon_color - Color of the sky at the horizon.
  • Color sky_top_color - Color of the sky at the top.
  • float sun_angle_max - Distance from center of sun where it fades out completely.
  • float sun_angle_min - Distance from sun where it goes from solid to starting to fade.
  • Color sun_color - Color of the sun.
  • float sun_curve - How quickly the sun fades away between sun_angle_min and sun_angle_max
  • float sun_energy - Amount of energy contribution from the sun.
  • float sun_latitude - The suns height using polar coordinates.
  • float sun_longitude - The direction of the sun using polar coordinates.
  • TextureSize texture_size - Size of Texture that the ProceduralSky will generate.


enum TextureSize

  • TEXTURE_SIZE_256 = 0
  • TEXTURE_SIZE_512 = 1
  • TEXTURE_SIZE_1024 = 2
  • TEXTURE_SIZE_2048 = 3
  • TEXTURE_SIZE_4096 = 4


ProceduralSky provides a way to create an effective background quickly by defining procedural parameters for the sun, the sky and the ground. The sky and ground are very similar, they are defined by a color at the horizon, another color, and finally an easing curve to interpolate between these two colors. Similarly the sun is described by a position in the sky, a color, and an easing curve. However, the sun also defines a minimum and maximum angle, these two values define at what distance the easing curve begins and ends from the sun, and thus end up defining the size of the sun in the sky.

The ProceduralSky is updated on the CPU after the parameters change and stored in a texture and then displayed as a background in the scene. This makes it relatively unsuitable for realtime updates during gameplay. But with a small texture size it is still feasible to update relatively frequently becuase it is updated on a background thread when multi-threading is available.