Documentation and localisation guidelines

This page describes the rules to follow if you want to contribute Godot Engine by writing documentation or translating existing documentation.

What is a good documentation?

A good documentation is well written in plain English and well-formed sentences. It is clear and objective.

A documentation page is not a tutorial page. We differentiate these concepts by these definitions:

  • Tutorial: a page aiming at explaining how to use one or more concepts in Godot Editor in order to achieve a specific goal with a learning purpose (ie. “make a simple 2d Pong game”, “apply forces to an object”...)
  • Documentation: a page describing precisely one and only one concept at the time, if possible exhaustively (ie. the list of methods of the Sprite class for example).

You are free to write the kind of documentation you wish, as long as you respect the following rules.

Create a new wiki page

TODO: Needs review for Sphinx doc

Creating a new documentation page or tutorial page is easy. The following rules must be respected:

  • Choose a short and explicit title
  • Respect the grammar and orthography
  • Make use of the doc_wiki_syntax

Try to structure your page in order to enable users to include a page directly in another page or even forum posts using the include wiki syntax. For example, the syntax to include the page you are reading is :

:ref:`the cool documentation guidelines <doc_doc_and_l10n_guidelines>`


Please always begin pages with their title and a reference based on the file name (which should ideally be the same as the page title):

.. _insert_your_title_here:

Insert your title here

Also, avoid American CamelCase titles: titles’ first word should begin with a capitalized letter, and every following word should not. Thus, this is a good example:

  • Insert your title here

And this is a bad example:

  • Insert Your Title Here

Only project names (and people names) should have capitalized first letter. This is good:

  • Starting up with Godot Engine

And this is bad:

  • Starting up with godot engine

Note for non-English authors

For the moment, we will not pull contributed pages that have no English counterpart. We aim to provide a tool to help translators and writers determine whether certain languages have pages that do not exist in other languages, but this is not done yet. When it is done, we will open the documentation to new contributions.

Please be patient, we are working on it. ;)

Translating existing pages

New guidelines will come soon !

Important changes and discussions

You are welcome to correct mistakes or styles to respect these guidelines. However, in case of important changes, please do not start a discussion on this page: use the forum, create a new topic with a link to the incriminated page and start discussing there about your remarks.


This wiki and every page it contains is published under the terms of the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license.