.. _doc_customizing_html5_shell: Custom HTML page for Web export ==================================== While Web export templates provide a default HTML page fully capable of launching the project without any further customization, it may be beneficial to create a custom HTML page. While the game itself cannot easily be directly controlled from the outside yet, such page allows to customize the initialization process for the engine. Some use-cases where customizing the default page is useful include: - Loading files from a different directory than the page; - Loading a ``.zip`` file instead of a ``.pck`` file as the main pack; - Loading the engine from a different directory than the main pack file; - Adding a click-to-play button so that games can be started in the fullscreen mode; - Loading some extra files before the engine starts, making them available in the project file system as soon as possible; - Passing custom command line arguments, e.g. ``-s`` to start a ``MainLoop`` script. The default HTML page is available in the Godot Engine repository at `/misc/dist/html/full-size.html `__ but the following template can be used as a much simpler example: .. code-block:: html My Template Setup ----- As shown by the example above, it is mostly a regular HTML document, with few placeholders which needs to be replaced during export, an html ```` element, and some simple JavaScript code that calls the :js:class:`Engine` class. The only required placeholders are: - ``$GODOT_URL``: The name of the main JavaScript file, which provides the :js:class:`Engine` class required to start the engine and that must be included in the HTML as a ``