Inherits: Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Editor interface and main components.


Editor interface. Allows saving and (re-)loading scenes, rendering mesh previews, inspecting and editing resources and objects and provides access to EditorSettings, EditorFileSystem, EditorResourcePreviewer, ScriptEditor, the editor viewport, as well as information about scenes. Also see EditorPlugin and EditorScript.

Member Function Description

  • void edit_resource ( Resource resource )

Edits the given Resource.

Returns the base Control.

  • Node get_edited_scene_root ( )

Returns the edited scene’s root Node.

Returns the EditorSettings.

Returns the editor Viewport.

  • Array get_open_scenes ( ) const

Returns an Array of the currently opened scenes.

Returns the EditorFileSystem.

Returns the EditorResourcePreviewer.

Returns the ScriptEditor.

  • String get_selected_path ( ) const

Returns the EditorSelection.

  • void inspect_object ( Object object, String for_property=”” )

Shows the given property on the given object in the Editor’s Inspector dock.

Returns the enabled status of a plugin. The plugin name is the same as its directory name.

Returns mesh previews rendered at the given size as an Array of Textures.

  • void open_scene_from_path ( String scene_filepath )

Opens the scene at the given path.

  • void reload_scene_from_path ( String scene_filepath )

Reloads the scene at the given path.

  • int save_scene ( )

Saves the scene. Returns either OK or ERR_CANT_CREATE. See @GlobalScope constants.

  • void save_scene_as ( String path, bool with_preview=true )

Saves the scene as a file at path.

  • void select_file ( String p_file )
  • void set_plugin_enabled ( String plugin, bool enabled )

Sets the enabled status of a plugin. The plugin name is the same as its directory name.