Inherits: EditorSceneImporter < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Multi-format 3D asset importer based on Assimp.


This is a multi-format 3D asset importer based on Assimp. See this page for a full list of supported formats.

If exporting a FBX scene from Autodesk Maya, use these FBX export settings:

- Smoothing Groups
- Smooth Mesh
- Triangluate (for meshes with blend shapes)
- Bake Animation
- Resample All
- Deformed Models
- Skins
- Blend Shapes
- Curve Filters
- Constant Key Reducer
- Auto Tangents Only
- *Do not check* Constraints (as it will break the file)
- Can check Embed Media (embeds textures into the exported FBX file)
  - Note that when importing embedded media, the texture and mesh will be a single immutable file.
  - You will have to re-export then re-import the FBX if the texture has changed.
- Units: Centimeters
- Up Axis: Y
- Binary format in FBX 2017