Inherits: EditorSceneImporter < Reference < Object

FBX 3D asset importer based on Assimp.


This is an FBX 3D asset importer based on Assimp. It currently has many known limitations and works best with static meshes. Most animated meshes won't import correctly.

If exporting a FBX scene from Autodesk Maya, use these FBX export settings:

- Smoothing Groups
- Smooth Mesh
- Triangluate (for meshes with blend shapes)
- Bake Animation
- Resample All
- Deformed Models
- Skins
- Blend Shapes
- Curve Filters
- Constant Key Reducer
- Auto Tangents Only
- *Do not check* Constraints (as it will break the file)
- Can check Embed Media (embeds textures into the exported FBX file)
  - Note that when importing embedded media, the texture and mesh will be a single immutable file.
  - You will have to re-export then re-import the FBX if the texture has changed.
- Units: Centimeters
- Up Axis: Y
- Binary format in FBX 2017