Inherits: Light < VisualInstance < Spatial < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Omnidirectional light, such as a light bulb or a candle.


enum ShadowMode:

  • SHADOW_DUAL_PARABOLOID = 0 — Shadows are rendered to a dual-paraboloid texture. Faster than SHADOW_CUBE, but lower-quality.
  • SHADOW_CUBE = 1 — Shadows are rendered to a cubemap. Slower than SHADOW_DUAL_PARABOLOID, but higher-quality.

enum ShadowDetail:



An Omnidirectional light is a type of Light that emits light in all directions. The light is attenuated by distance and this attenuation can be configured by changing its energy, radius, and attenuation parameters.

Property Descriptions

Default 1.0
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

The light’s attenuation (drop-off) curve. A number of presets are available in the Inspector by right-clicking the curve.

Default 5.0
Setter set_param(value)
Getter get_param()

The light’s radius.

Default 1
Setter set_shadow_detail(value)
Getter get_shadow_detail()

See ShadowDetail.

Default 1
Setter set_shadow_mode(value)
Getter get_shadow_mode()

See ShadowMode.