Validation layers

Validation layers enable developers to verify their application's correct use of the Vulkan API.


After enabling validation layers on Android, a developer can see errors and warning messages in the adb logcat output.

Enabling validation layers

Build validation layers from official sources

To build Android libraries, follow the instructions on Khronos' repository. After a successful build, the libraries will be located in Vulkan-ValidationLayers/build-android/libs.

Copy libraries

Copy libraries from Vulkan-ValidationLayers/build-android/libs to godot/platform/android/java/app/libs/debug/vulkan_validation_layers.

Your Godot source directory tree should look like on the example below:

|-- platform
    |-- android
        |-- java
            |-- app
                |-- libs
                    |-- debug
                        |-- vulkan_validation_layers
                            |-- arm64-v8a
                            |-- armeabi-v7a
                            |-- x86
                            |-- x86_64

If the subdirectory libs/debug/vulkan_validation_layers doesn't exist, create it.

Compile and run the Android app

Linked validation layers are automatically loaded and enabled in Android debug builds. You can use Godot's One-click deploy feature to quickly test your project with the validation layers enabled.