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Inherits: CullInstance < Spatial < Node < Object

Inherited By: VisibilityEnabler

Detecta aproximadamente cuando el nodo es visible en la pantalla.


The VisibilityNotifier detects when it is visible on the screen. It also notifies when its bounding rectangle enters or exits the screen or a Camera's view.

If you want nodes to be disabled automatically when they exit the screen, use VisibilityEnabler instead.

Note: VisibilityNotifier uses an approximate heuristic for performance reasons. It doesn't take walls and other occlusion into account (unless you are using Portals). The heuristic is an implementation detail and may change in future versions. If you need precise visibility checking, use another method such as adding an Area node as a child of a Camera node and/or




AABB( -1, -1, -1, 2, 2, 2 )



is_on_screen ( ) const


  • camera_entered ( Camera camera )

Emitted when the VisibilityNotifier enters a Camera's view.

  • camera_exited ( Camera camera )

Emitted when the VisibilityNotifier exits a Camera's view.

  • screen_entered ( )

Emitted when the VisibilityNotifier enters the screen.

  • screen_exited ( )

Emitted when the VisibilityNotifier exits the screen.

Descripciones de Propiedades


AABB( -1, -1, -1, 2, 2, 2 )





The VisibilityNotifier's bounding box.

Descripciones de Métodos

  • bool is_on_screen ( ) const

Si true, el cuadro delimitador está en la pantalla.

Nota: Se necesita un fotograma para evaluar la visibilidad del nodo una vez añadido al árbol de la escena, por lo que este método devolverá false justo después de ser instanciado, aunque esté en pantalla en el pase de dibujado.