Inherits: StreamPeer < Reference < Object

SSL stream peer.


SSL stream peer. This object can be used to connect to an SSL server or accept a single SSL client connection.



bool blocking_handshake true


Error accept_stream ( StreamPeer stream, CryptoKey private_key, X509Certificate certificate, X509Certificate chain=null )
Error connect_to_stream ( StreamPeer stream, bool validate_certs=false, String for_hostname="", X509Certificate valid_certificate=null )
void disconnect_from_stream ( )
Status get_status ( ) const
void poll ( )


enum Status:

  • STATUS_DISCONNECTED = 0 --- A status representing a StreamPeerSSL that is disconnected.
  • STATUS_HANDSHAKING = 1 --- A status representing a StreamPeerSSL during handshaking.
  • STATUS_CONNECTED = 2 --- A status representing a StreamPeerSSL that is connected to a host.
  • STATUS_ERROR = 3 --- A status representing a StreamPeerSSL in error state.
  • STATUS_ERROR_HOSTNAME_MISMATCH = 4 --- An error status that shows a mismatch in the SSL certificate domain presented by the host and the domain requested for validation.

Property Descriptions

  • bool blocking_handshake
Default true
Setter set_blocking_handshake_enabled(value)
Getter is_blocking_handshake_enabled()

Method Descriptions

Accepts a peer connection as a server using the given private_key and providing the given certificate to the client. You can pass the optional chain parameter to provide additional CA chain information along with the certificate.

Connects to a peer using an underlying StreamPeer stream. If validate_certs is true, StreamPeerSSL will validate that the certificate presented by the peer matches the for_hostname.

Note: Specifying a custom valid_certificate is not supported in HTML5 exports due to browsers restrictions.

  • void disconnect_from_stream ( )

Disconnects from host.

Returns the status of the connection. See Status for values.

  • void poll ( )

Poll the connection to check for incoming bytes. Call this right before StreamPeer.get_available_bytes for it to work properly.