Inherits: AnimationNode < Resource < Reference < Object

Plays an animation once in AnimationNodeBlendTree.


A resource to add to an AnimationNodeBlendTree. This node will execute a sub-animation and return once it finishes. Blend times for fading in and out can be customized, as well as filters.


MixMode get_mix_mode ( ) const
void set_mix_mode ( MixMode mode )


enum MixMode:

  • MIX_MODE_ADD = 1

Property Descriptions

Default false
Setter set_autorestart(value)
Getter has_autorestart()

If true, the sub-animation will restart automatically after finishing.

  • float autorestart_delay
Default 1.0
Setter set_autorestart_delay(value)
Getter get_autorestart_delay()

The delay after which the automatic restart is triggered, in seconds.

  • float autorestart_random_delay
Default 0.0
Setter set_autorestart_random_delay(value)
Getter get_autorestart_random_delay()

If autorestart is true, a random additional delay (in seconds) between 0 and this value will be added to autorestart_delay.

Default 0.1
Setter set_fadein_time(value)
Getter get_fadein_time()

Default 0.1
Setter set_fadeout_time(value)
Getter get_fadeout_time()

Default false
Setter set_use_sync(value)
Getter is_using_sync()

Method Descriptions

  • void set_mix_mode ( MixMode mode )