Inherits: InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Input event type for actions.


Contains a generic action which can be targeted from several types of inputs. Actions can be created from the Input Map tab in the Project > Project Settings menu. See Node._input.


String action ""
bool pressed false
float strength 1.0

Property Descriptions

Default ""
Setter set_action(value)
Getter get_action()

The action's name. Actions are accessed via this String.

Default false
Setter set_pressed(value)
Getter is_pressed()

If true, the action's state is pressed. If false, the action's state is released.

Default 1.0
Setter set_strength(value)
Getter get_strength()

The action's strength between 0 and 1. This value is considered as equal to 0 if pressed is false. The event strength allows faking analog joypad motion events, by precising how strongly is the joypad axis bent or pressed.