Editorin ikonit

When a new class is created and exposed to scripting, the editor’s interface will display it with a default icon representing the base class it inherits from. Yet in most cases it is recommended to create icons for new classes to improve the user experience.

Ikonien luominen

In order to create new icons, you first need a vector graphics editor installed. For instance, you can use the open-source Inkscape editor.

Clone the godot-design repository containing all the original editor icons:

git clone https://github.com/godotengine/godot-design

The icons must be created in a vector graphics editor in svg format. You can use engine/icons/inkscape_template.svg with default icon properties already set up.

Once you’re satisfied with the icon’s design, save the icon in engine/icons/svg/ folder. But in order for the engine to automatically pick up the icons, each icon’s filename:

  1. Must be prefixed with icon_.

  2. PascalCase name should be converted to snake_case, so words are separated by _ whenever case changes, and uppercase acronyms must also have all letters, numbers, and special characters separated as distinct words. Some examples:

    Nimi Tiedostonimi
    Polygon2D icon_polygon_2_d.svg
    CSGPolygon icon_c_s_g_polygon.svg
    CPUParticles2D icon_c_p_u_particles_2_d.svg
    C# icon_c_#.svg

Ikonin optimointi

Because the editor renders the svg’s at runtime, they need to be small in size, so they can be efficiently parsed. Editor icons must be first optimized before being added to the engine, to do so:

  1. Add them to the engine/icons/svg folder.

  2. Run the optimize.py script. You must have the scour package installed:

    pip install scour
    cd godot-design/engine/icons && ./optimize.py

The optimized icons will be generated in the engine/icons/optimized folder.

Integrating and sharing the icons

If you’re contributing to the engine itself, you should make a pull request to add optimized icons to godot/editor/icons in the main repository. Recompile the engine to make sure it does pick up new icons for classes. Once merged, don’t forget to add the original version of the icons to the godot-design repository so that the icon can be improved upon by other contributors.

It’s also possible to create custom icons within a module. If you’re creating your own module and don’t plan to integrate it with Godot, you don’t need to make a separate pull request for your icons to be available within the editor as they can be self-contained.

For specific instructions on how to create module icons, refer to Creating custom module icons.


If icons don’t appear in the editor make sure that:

  1. Each icon’s filename matches the naming requirement as described previously.
  2. modules/svg is enabled (should be enabled by default). Without it, icons won’t appear in the editor at all.