Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

GPU-based 2D particle emitter.


2D particle node used to create a variety of particle systems and effects. Particles2D features an emitter that generates some number of particles at a given rate.

Use the process_material property to add a ParticlesMaterial to configure particle appearance and behavior. Alternatively, you can add a ShaderMaterial which will be applied to all particles.

Note: Particles2D only work when using the GLES3 renderer. If using the GLES2 renderer, use CPUParticles2D instead. You can convert Particles2D to CPUParticles2D by selecting the node, clicking the Particles menu at the top of the 2D editor viewport then choosing Convert to CPUParticles2D.

Note: After working on a Particles node, remember to update its visibility_rect by selecting it, clicking the Particles menu at the top of the 2D editor viewport then choose Generate Visibility Rect. Otherwise, particles may suddenly disappear depending on the camera position and angle.


Rect2 capture_rect ( ) const
void restart ( )


enum DrawOrder:

  • DRAW_ORDER_INDEX = 0 --- Particles are drawn in the order emitted.
  • DRAW_ORDER_LIFETIME = 1 --- Particles are drawn in order of remaining lifetime.

Property Descriptions

Default 8
Setter set_amount(value)
Getter get_amount()

The number of particles emitted in one emission cycle (corresponding to the lifetime).

Note: Changing amount will reset the particle emission, therefore removing all particles that were already emitted before changing amount.

Default 0
Setter set_draw_order(value)
Getter get_draw_order()

Particle draw order. Uses DrawOrder values.

Default true
Setter set_emitting(value)
Getter is_emitting()

If true, particles are being emitted.

Default 0.0
Setter set_explosiveness_ratio(value)
Getter get_explosiveness_ratio()

How rapidly particles in an emission cycle are emitted. If greater than 0, there will be a gap in emissions before the next cycle begins.

  • int fixed_fps
Default 0
Setter set_fixed_fps(value)
Getter get_fixed_fps()

The particle system's frame rate is fixed to a value. For instance, changing the value to 2 will make the particles render at 2 frames per second. Note this does not slow down the simulation of the particle system itself.

Default true
Setter set_fractional_delta(value)
Getter get_fractional_delta()

If true, results in fractional delta calculation which has a smoother particles display effect.

Default 1.0
Setter set_lifetime(value)
Getter get_lifetime()

The amount of time each particle will exist (in seconds).

Default true
Setter set_use_local_coordinates(value)
Getter get_use_local_coordinates()

If true, particles use the parent node's coordinate space. If false, they use global coordinates.

Setter set_normal_map(value)
Getter get_normal_map()

Normal map to be used for the texture property.

Note: Godot expects the normal map to use X+, Y-, and Z+ coordinates. See this page for a comparison of normal map coordinates expected by popular engines.

Default false
Setter set_one_shot(value)
Getter get_one_shot()

If true, only one emission cycle occurs. If set true during a cycle, emission will stop at the cycle's end.

Default 0.0
Setter set_pre_process_time(value)
Getter get_pre_process_time()

Particle system starts as if it had already run for this many seconds.

Setter set_process_material(value)
Getter get_process_material()

Material for processing particles. Can be a ParticlesMaterial or a ShaderMaterial.

Default 0.0
Setter set_randomness_ratio(value)
Getter get_randomness_ratio()

Emission lifetime randomness ratio.

Default 1.0
Setter set_speed_scale(value)
Getter get_speed_scale()

Particle system's running speed scaling ratio. A value of 0 can be used to pause the particles.

Setter set_texture(value)
Getter get_texture()

Particle texture. If null, particles will be squares.

Default Rect2( -100, -100, 200, 200 )
Setter set_visibility_rect(value)
Getter get_visibility_rect()

Editor visibility helper.

Method Descriptions

  • Rect2 capture_rect ( ) const

Returns a rectangle containing the positions of all existing particles.

  • void restart ( )

Restarts all the existing particles.