• SCons(macportsから取得できます。インストールすると、ターミナルで `` scons`` を実行できるはずです)
  • Xcode 10.0 (or later) with the iOS (10.0) SDK and the command line tools.


For a general overview of SCons usage for Godot, see ビルドシステムの説明.



$ scons p=iphone target=debug


$ scons p=iphone target=release

リリース ビルドの場合 (各構成で使用されるコンパイラフラグについては、 platform/iphone/ を参照してください)。


$ scons p=iphone arch=x86_64 target=debug


For recent devices, Apple requires 64-bit versions of application binaries when you are uploading to the Apple Store. The best way to provide these is to create a bundle in which there are both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, so every device will be able to run the game.

It can be done in three steps: first compile the 32-bit version, then compile the 64-bit version and then use lipo to bundle them into one "universal" binary. All those steps can be performed with following commands:

$ scons p=iphone tools=no target=release arch=arm
$ scons p=iphone tools=no target=release arch=arm64
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm64.a -output bin/libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.opt.arm64.a -output bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.release.fat.a
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.opt.arm64.a -output bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.release.fat.a

If you also want to provide a simulator build (reduces the chance of any linker errors with dependencies), you'll need to build and lipo the x86_64 architecture as well.

$ scons p=iphone tools=no target=release arch=arm
$ scons p=iphone tools=no target=release arch=arm64
$ scons p=iphone tools=no target=release arch=x86_64
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.arm64.a bin/libgodot.iphone.opt.x86_64.a -output bin/libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.opt.arm64.a bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.opt.x86_64.a -output bin/libgodot_camera_module.iphone.release.fat.a
$ lipo -create bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.opt.arm.a bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.opt.arm64.a bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.opt.x86_64.a -output bin/libgodot_arkit_module.iphone.release.fat.a


デバイスまたはシミュレーターで実行するには、次の手順に従います: iOS用のエクスポート

実行可能ファイルをXcodeプロジェクトに置き換えたり追加したり、代替ビルドを使用する場合は、それに応じてInfo.plist の「実行可能名」プロパティを変更します。