Inherits: Shape2D < Resource < Reference < Object

Concave polygon 2D shape resource for physics.


Concave polygon 2D shape resource for physics. It is made out of segments and is optimal for complex polygonal concave collisions. However, it is not advised to use for RigidBody2D nodes. A CollisionPolygon2D in convex decomposition mode (solids) or several convex objects are advised for that instead. Otherwise, a concave polygon 2D shape is better for static collisions.

The main difference between a ConvexPolygonShape2D and a ConcavePolygonShape2D is that a concave polygon assumes it is concave and uses a more complex method of collision detection, and a convex one forces itself to be convex in order to speed up collision detection.

Warning: Using this shape for an Area2D (via a CollisionShape2D node) may give unexpected results: the area will only detect collisions with the segments in the ConcavePolygonShape2D (and not with any "inside" of the shape, for example).




PoolVector2Array(  )

Property Descriptions

PoolVector2Array segments = PoolVector2Array(  )

The array of points that make up the ConcavePolygonShape2D's line segments.