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A custom effect for use with RichTextLabel.


A custom effect for use with RichTextLabel.

Note: For a RichTextEffect to be usable, a BBCode tag must be defined as a member variable called bbcode in the script.

# The RichTextEffect will be usable like this: `[example]Some text[/example]`
var bbcode = "example"

Note: As soon as a RichTextLabel contains at least one RichTextEffect, it will continuously process the effect unless the project is paused. This may impact battery life negatively.




_process_custom_fx ( CharFXTransform char_fx ) virtual

Method Descriptions

bool _process_custom_fx ( CharFXTransform char_fx ) virtual

Override this method to modify properties in char_fx. The method must return true if the character could be transformed successfully. If the method returns false, it will skip transformation to avoid displaying broken text.