Inherits: VideoStream < Resource < Reference < Object

VideoStream resource for Ogg Theora videos.


VideoStream resource handling the Ogg Theora video format with .ogv extension. The Theora codec is less efficient than VideoStreamWebm's VP8 and VP9, but it requires less CPU resources to decode. The Theora codec is decoded on the CPU.

Note: While Ogg Theora videos can also have an .ogg extension, you will have to rename the extension to .ogv to use those videos within Godot.



get_file ( )


set_file ( String file )

Method Descriptions

String get_file ( )

Returns the Ogg Theora video file handled by this VideoStreamTheora.

void set_file ( String file )

Sets the Ogg Theora video file that this VideoStreamTheora resource handles. The file name should have the .ogv extension.