Inherits: VideoStream < Resource < Reference < Object

VideoStream resource for WebM videos.


VideoStream resource handling the WebM video format with .webm extension. Both the VP8 and VP9 codecs are supported. The VP8 and VP9 codecs are more efficient than VideoStreamTheora, but they require more CPU resources to decode (especially VP9). Both the VP8 and VP9 codecs are decoded on the CPU.

Note: Alpha channel (also known as transparency) is not supported. The video will always appear to have a black background, even if it originally contains an alpha channel.

Note: Not supported on iOS, or when compiled for RISC-V, and there are known bugs and performance issues with WebM video playback in Godot. If you run into problems, try using the Ogg Theora format instead: VideoStreamTheora



get_file ( )


set_file ( String file )

Method Descriptions

String get_file ( )

Returns the WebM video file handled by this VideoStreamWebm.

void set_file ( String file )

Sets the WebM video file that this VideoStreamWebm resource handles. The file name should have the .webm extension.