Inherits: Spatial < Node < Object

Groups Rooms together to allow common functionality.


Although Room behavior can be specified individually, sometimes it is faster and more convenient to write functionality for a group of rooms.

RoomGroups should be placed as children of the room list (the parent Node of your Rooms), and Rooms should be placed in turn as children of a RoomGroup in order to assign them to the RoomGroup.

A RoomGroup can for example be used to specify Rooms that are outside, and switch on or off a directional light, sky, or rain effect as the player enters / exits the area.

RoomGroups receive gameplay callbacks when the gameplay_monitor is switched on, as signals or notifications as they enter and exit the gameplay area (see RoomManager for details).





Property Descriptions

int roomgroup_priority = 0

  • void set_roomgroup_priority ( int value )

  • int get_roomgroup_priority ( )

This priority will be applied to Rooms within the group. The Room priority allows the use of internal rooms, rooms within another room or rooms.

When the Camera is within more than one room (regular and internal), the higher priority room will take precedence. So with for example, a house inside a terrain 'room', you would make the house higher priority, so that when the camera is within the house, the house is used as the source room, but outside the house, the terrain room would be used instead.