Inherits: Shape < Resource < Reference < Object

Concave polygon shape.


Concave polygon shape resource, which can be set into a PhysicsBody or area. This shape is created by feeding a list of triangles.

Note: When used for collision, ConcavePolygonShape is intended to work with static PhysicsBody nodes like StaticBody and will not work with KinematicBody or RigidBody with a mode other than Static.

Warning: Using this shape for an Area (via a CollisionShape node, created e.g. by using the Create Trimesh Collision Sibling option in the Mesh menu that appears when selecting a MeshInstance node) may give unexpected results: when using Godot Physics, the area will only detect collisions with the triangle faces in the ConcavePolygonShape (and not with any "inside" of the shape, for example), and when using Bullet Physics the area will not detect any collisions with the concave shape at all (this is a known bug).




get_faces ( ) const


set_faces ( PoolVector3Array faces )

Method Descriptions

Returns the faces (an array of triangles).

Sets the faces (an array of triangles).