Console publishing process

Regardless of the engine used to create the game, the process to publish a game to a console platform is as follows:

  • Register a developer account on the console manufacturer's website, then sign NDAs and publishing contracts. This requires you to have a registered legal entity.

  • Gain access to the publishing platform by passing the acceptance process. This can take up to several months. Note that this step is significantly easier if an established publisher is backing your game. Nintendo is generally known to be more accepting of smaller developers, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Get access to developer tools and order a console specially made for developers (devkit). The cost of those devkits is confidential.

  • Port the engine to the console platform or pay a company to do it.

  • To be published, your game needs to be rated in the regions you'd like to sell it in. For example, in North America, the ESRB handles game ratings. In Europe, this is done by PEGI. Indie developers can generally get a rating for cheaper compared to more established developers.

Due to the complexity of the process, the budget to publish a game by yourself on a single console often exceeds $1,000 (this is a rough figure).


Godot supports the Linux-based Steam Deck. The reason other consoles are not officially supported are:

  • コンソール用に開発するには、企業としてライセンスを取得する必要があります。オープンソースプロジェクトとして、Godotにはそのような法的な体制はありません。

  • Console SDKは秘密であり、秘密保持契約の対象です。それらにアクセスできたとしても、プラットフォーム固有のコードをオープンソースライセンスで公開することはできません。

  • コンソールには専用のハードウェアが必要であるため、通常のユーザーはゲーム用のゲームを作成できません。



In practice, the process is quite similar to Unity and Unreal Engine, except that you need to contact a third-party developer to handle the porting process. In other words, there is no engine that is legally allowed to distribute console export templates without requiring the user to prove that they are a licensed console developer. Doing so would violate the console manufacturer's NDA.




  • Lone Wolf Technology offers Switch and PS4 porting and publishing of Godot games.

  • Pineapple Works offers Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S porting and publishing of Godot games.

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