Inherits: Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Inherited By: PanelContainer, GridContainer, ScrollContainer, MarginContainer, CenterContainer, GraphNode, SplitContainer, BoxContainer

Category: Core

Brief Description

Base node for containers.

Member Functions

void fit_child_in_rect ( Control child, Rect2 rect )
void queue_sort ( )


  • sort_children ( )

Emitted when sorting the children is needed.

Numeric Constants

  • NOTIFICATION_SORT_CHILDREN = 50 — Notification for when sorting the children, it must be obeyed immediately.


Base node for containers. A Container contains other controls and automatically arranges them in a certain way.

A Control can inherit this to create custom container classes.

Member Function Description

Fit a child control in a given rect. This is mainly a helper for creating custom container classes.

  • void queue_sort ( )

Queue resort of the contained children. This is called automatically anyway, but can be called upon request.