Inherits: Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Singleton containing the list of remapped resources.

Member Functions

void add_remap ( String from, String to, String locale=”” )
void clear_remaps ( )
void erase_remap ( String path )
String get_remap ( String path ) const
bool has_remap ( String path ) const


When exporting, the types of some resources may change internally so they are converted to more optimized versions. While it’s not usually necessary to access to this directly (path remapping happens automatically when opening a file), it’s exported just for information.

Member Function Description

Add a remap from a file to another.

  • void clear_remaps ( )

Clear all remaps.

  • void erase_remap ( String path )

Erase a remap.

Return the remapped new path of a file.

Return true if a file is being remapped.