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Brief Description


Member Functions

Quat Quat ( float x, float y, float z, float w )
Quat Quat ( Vector3 axis, float angle )
Quat Quat ( Matrix3 from )
Quat cubic_slerp ( Quat b, Quat pre_a, Quat post_b, float t )
float dot ( Quat b )
Quat inverse ( )
float length ( )
float length_squared ( )
Quat normalized ( )
Quat slerp ( Quat b, float t )
Quat slerpni ( Quat b, float t )
Vector3 xform ( Vector3 v )

Member Variables


Quaternion is a 4 dimensional vector that is used to represent a rotation. It mainly exists to perform SLERP (spherical-linear interpolation) between to rotations obtained by a Matrix3 cheaply. Adding quaternions also cheaply adds the rotations, however quaternions need to be often normalized, or else they suffer from precision issues.

Member Function Description

Returns the dot product between two quaternions.

Returns the inverse of the quaternion (applies to the inverse rotation too).

Returns the length of the quaternion.

  • float length_squared ( )

Returns the length of the quaternion, squared.

  • Quat normalized ( )

Returns a copy of the quaternion, normalized to unit length.

Perform a spherical-linear interpolation with another quaternion.