Category: Built-In Types

Brief Description

Raw byte array.

Member Functions

RawArray RawArray ( Array from )
void append ( int byte )
void append_array ( RawArray array )
String get_string_from_ascii ( )
String get_string_from_utf8 ( )
int insert ( int idx, int byte )
void invert ( )
void push_back ( int byte )
void remove ( int idx )
void resize ( int idx )
void set ( int idx, int byte )
int size ( )


Raw byte array. Contains bytes. Optimized for memory usage, can’t fragment the memory.

Member Function Description

Create from a generic array.

  • void append ( int byte )

Append an RawArray at the end of this array.

  • String get_string_from_ascii ( )

Returns a copy of the array’s contents formatted as String. Fast alternative to get_string_from_utf8(), assuming the content is ASCII-only (unlike the UTF-8 function, this function maps every byte to a character in the string, so any multibyte sequence will be torn apart).

  • String get_string_from_utf8 ( )

Returns a copy of the array’s contents formatted as String, assuming the array is formatted as UTF-8. Slower than get_string_from_ascii(), but works for UTF-8. Usually you should prefer this function over get_string_from_ascii() to support international input.

Insert a new element at a given position in the array. The position must be valid, or at the end of the array (pos==size()).

  • void invert ( )

Reverse the order of the elements in the array (so first element will now be the last).

  • void push_back ( int byte )

Append an element at the end of the array.

  • void remove ( int idx )

Remove an element from the array by index.

  • void resize ( int idx )

Set the size of the RawArray. If larger than the current size it will reserve some space beforehand, and if it is smaller it will cut off the array.

  • void set ( int idx, int byte )

Change the byte at the given index.

Return the size of the array.