Category: Built-In Types

Brief Description

Real Array .

Member Functions

RealArray RealArray ( Array from )
void append ( float value )
void append_array ( RealArray array )
int insert ( int idx, float value )
void invert ( )
void push_back ( float value )
void remove ( int idx )
void resize ( int idx )
void set ( int idx, float value )
int size ( )


Real Array. Array of floating point values. Can only contain floats. Optimized for memory usage, can’t fragment the memory.

Member Function Description

Create from a generic array.

  • void append ( float value )

Append an element at the end of the array (alias of push_back).

Append an RealArray at the end of this array.

Insert a new element at a given position in the array. The position must be valid, or at the end of the array (pos==size()).

  • void invert ( )

Reverse the order of the elements in the array (so first element will now be the last).

  • void push_back ( float value )

Append an element at the end of the array.

  • void remove ( int idx )

Remove an element from the array by index.

  • void resize ( int idx )

Set the size of the RealArray. If larger than the current size it will reserve some space beforehand, and if it is smaller it will cut off the array.

Change the float at the given index.

Return the size of the array.