Inherits: Node < Object

Creates a sub-view into the screen.


A Viewport creates a different view into the screen, or a sub-view inside another viewport. Children 2D Nodes will display on it, and children Camera 3D nodes will render on it too.

Optionally, a viewport can have its own 2D or 3D world, so they don’t share what they draw with other viewports.

If a viewport is a child of a ViewportContainer, it will automatically take up its size, otherwise it must be set manually.

Viewports can also choose to be audio listeners, so they generate positional audio depending on a 2D or 3D camera child of it.

Also, viewports can be assigned to different screens in case the devices have multiple screens.

Finally, viewports can also behave as render targets, in which case they will not be visible unless the associated texture is used to draw.


  • gui_focus_changed ( Control node )

Emitted when a Control node grabs keyboard focus.

  • size_changed ( )

Emitted when the size of the viewport is changed, whether by set_size_override, resize of window, or some other means.


enum UpdateMode:

  • UPDATE_DISABLED = 0 — Do not update the render target.
  • UPDATE_ONCE = 1 — Update the render target once, then switch to UPDATE_DISABLED.
  • UPDATE_WHEN_VISIBLE = 2 — Update the render target only when it is visible. This is the default value.
  • UPDATE_ALWAYS = 3 — Always update the render target.

enum ShadowAtlasQuadrantSubdiv:

  • SHADOW_ATLAS_QUADRANT_SUBDIV_MAX = 7 — Represents the size of the ShadowAtlasQuadrantSubdiv enum.

enum RenderInfo:

  • RENDER_INFO_OBJECTS_IN_FRAME = 0 — Amount of objects in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_VERTICES_IN_FRAME = 1 — Amount of vertices in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_MATERIAL_CHANGES_IN_FRAME = 2 — Amount of material changes in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_SHADER_CHANGES_IN_FRAME = 3 — Amount of shader changes in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_SURFACE_CHANGES_IN_FRAME = 4 — Amount of surface changes in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_DRAW_CALLS_IN_FRAME = 5 — Amount of draw calls in frame.
  • RENDER_INFO_MAX = 6 — Represents the size of the RenderInfo enum.

enum DebugDraw:

  • DEBUG_DRAW_DISABLED = 0 — Objects are displayed normally.
  • DEBUG_DRAW_UNSHADED = 1 — Objects are displayed without light information.
  • DEBUG_DRAW_OVERDRAW = 2 — Objected are displayed semi-transparent with additive blending so you can see where they intersect.
  • DEBUG_DRAW_WIREFRAME = 3 — Objects are displayed in wireframe style.

enum MSAA:

  • MSAA_DISABLED = 0 — Multisample anti-aliasing mode disabled. This is the default value.
  • MSAA_2X = 1
  • MSAA_4X = 2
  • MSAA_8X = 3
  • MSAA_16X = 4

enum Usage:

  • USAGE_2D = 0
  • USAGE_3D = 2

enum ClearMode:

  • CLEAR_MODE_ALWAYS = 0 — Always clear the render target before drawing.
  • CLEAR_MODE_NEVER = 1 — Never clear the render target.
  • CLEAR_MODE_ONLY_NEXT_FRAME = 2 — Clear the render target next frame, then switch to CLEAR_MODE_NEVER.

Property Descriptions

Default false
Setter set_use_arvr(value)
Getter use_arvr()

If true, the viewport will be used in AR/VR process.

  • bool audio_listener_enable_2d
Default false
Setter set_as_audio_listener_2d(value)
Getter is_audio_listener_2d()

If true, the viewport will process 2D audio streams.

  • bool audio_listener_enable_3d
Default false
Setter set_as_audio_listener(value)
Getter is_audio_listener()

If true, the viewport will process 3D audio streams.

Setter set_canvas_transform(value)
Getter get_canvas_transform()

The canvas transform of the viewport, useful for changing the on-screen positions of all child CanvasItems. This is relative to the global canvas transform of the viewport.

Default 0
Setter set_debug_draw(value)
Getter get_debug_draw()

The overlay mode for test rendered geometry in debug purposes.

Default false
Setter set_disable_3d(value)
Getter is_3d_disabled()

If true, the viewport will disable 3D rendering. For actual disabling use usage.

Setter set_global_canvas_transform(value)
Getter get_global_canvas_transform()

The global canvas transform of the viewport. The canvas transform is relative to this.

  • bool gui_disable_input
Default false
Setter set_disable_input(value)
Getter is_input_disabled()

If true, the viewport will not receive input event.

  • bool gui_snap_controls_to_pixels
Default true
Setter set_snap_controls_to_pixels(value)
Getter is_snap_controls_to_pixels_enabled()

If true, the GUI controls on the viewport will lay pixel perfectly.

  • bool handle_input_locally
Default true
Setter set_handle_input_locally(value)
Getter is_handling_input_locally()

Default true
Setter set_hdr(value)
Getter get_hdr()

If true, the viewport rendering will receive benefits from High Dynamic Range algorithm.

  • bool keep_3d_linear
Default false
Setter set_keep_3d_linear(value)
Getter get_keep_3d_linear()

If true, the result after 3D rendering will not have a linear to sRGB color conversion applied. This is important when the viewport is used as a render target where the result is used as a texture on a 3D object rendered in another viewport. It is also important if the viewport is used to create data that is not color based (noise, heightmaps, pickmaps, etc.). Do not enable this when the viewport is used as a texture on a 2D object or if the viewport is your final output.

Default 0
Setter set_msaa(value)
Getter get_msaa()

The multisample anti-aliasing mode.

Default false
Setter set_use_own_world(value)
Getter is_using_own_world()

If true, the viewport will use World defined in world property.

  • bool physics_object_picking
Default false
Setter set_physics_object_picking(value)
Getter get_physics_object_picking()

If true, the objects rendered by viewport become subjects of mouse picking process.

  • bool render_direct_to_screen
Default false
Setter set_use_render_direct_to_screen(value)
Getter is_using_render_direct_to_screen()

If true, renders the Viewport directly to the screen instead of to the root viewport. Only available in GLES2. This is a low-level optimization and should not be used in most cases. If used, reading from the Viewport or from SCREEN_TEXTURE becomes unavailable. For more information see VisualServer.viewport_set_render_direct_to_screen.

Default 0
Setter set_clear_mode(value)
Getter get_clear_mode()

The clear mode when viewport used as a render target.

Default 2
Setter set_update_mode(value)
Getter get_update_mode()

The update mode when viewport used as a render target.

  • bool render_target_v_flip
Default false
Setter set_vflip(value)
Getter get_vflip()

If true, the result of rendering will be flipped vertically.

Default 2
Setter set_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv(value)
Getter get_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv()

The subdivision amount of first quadrant on shadow atlas.

Default 2
Setter set_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv(value)
Getter get_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv()

The subdivision amount of second quadrant on shadow atlas.

Default 3
Setter set_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv(value)
Getter get_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv()

The subdivision amount of third quadrant on shadow atlas.

Default 4
Setter set_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv(value)
Getter get_shadow_atlas_quadrant_subdiv()

The subdivision amount of fourth quadrant on shadow atlas.

  • int shadow_atlas_size
Default 0
Setter set_shadow_atlas_size(value)
Getter get_shadow_atlas_size()

The shadow atlas’ resolution (used for omni and spot lights). The value will be rounded up to the nearest power of 2.

Note: If this is set to 0, shadows won’t be visible. Since user-created viewports default to a value of 0, this value must be set above 0 manually.

Default Vector2( 0, 0 )
Setter set_size(value)
Getter get_size()

The width and height of viewport.

  • bool size_override_stretch
Default false
Setter set_size_override_stretch(value)
Getter is_size_override_stretch_enabled()

If true, the size override affects stretch as well.

  • bool transparent_bg
Default false
Setter set_transparent_background(value)
Getter has_transparent_background()

If true, the viewport should render its background as transparent.

Default 2
Setter set_usage(value)
Getter get_usage()

The rendering mode of viewport.

Setter set_world(value)
Getter get_world()

The custom World which can be used as 3D environment source.

Setter set_world_2d(value)
Getter get_world_2d()

The custom World2D which can be used as 2D environment source.

Method Descriptions

  • World find_world ( ) const

Returns the 3D world of the viewport, or if none the world of the parent viewport.

Returns the 2D world of the viewport.

Returns the active 3D camera.

Returns the total transform of the viewport.

  • Control get_modal_stack_top ( ) const

Returns the topmost modal in the stack.

  • Vector2 get_mouse_position ( ) const

Returns the mouse position relative to the viewport.

Returns information about the viewport from the rendering pipeline.

  • Vector2 get_size_override ( ) const

Returns the size override set with set_size_override.

Returns the viewport’s texture.

Note: Due to the way OpenGL works, the resulting ViewportTexture is flipped vertically. You can use Image.flip_y on the result of Texture.get_data to flip it back, for example:

var img = get_viewport().get_texture().get_data()

  • RID get_viewport_rid ( ) const

Returns the viewport’s RID from the VisualServer.

  • Rect2 get_visible_rect ( ) const

Returns the visible rectangle in global screen coordinates.

  • Variant gui_get_drag_data ( ) const

Returns the drag data from the GUI, that was previously returned by Control.get_drag_data.

  • bool gui_has_modal_stack ( ) const

Returns true if there are visible modals on-screen.

  • bool gui_is_dragging ( ) const

Returns true if the viewport is currently performing a drag operation.

  • bool is_input_handled ( ) const

  • bool is_size_override_enabled ( ) const

Returns true if the size override is enabled. See set_size_override.

  • void set_attach_to_screen_rect ( Rect2 rect )

  • void set_input_as_handled ( )

  • void set_size_override ( bool enable, Vector2 size=Vector2( -1, -1 ), Vector2 margin=Vector2( 0, 0 ) )

Sets the size override of the viewport. If the enable parameter is true the override is used, otherwise it uses the default size. If the size parameter is (-1, -1), it won’t update the size.

  • void update_worlds ( )

Forces update of the 2D and 3D worlds.

  • void warp_mouse ( Vector2 to_position )

Warps the mouse to a position relative to the viewport.