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Base class for nodes in a visual shader graph.


  • editor_refresh_request ( )

Emitted when the node requests an editor refresh. Currently called only in setter of VisualShaderNodeTexture.source, VisualShaderNodeTexture, and VisualShaderNodeCubeMap (and their derivatives).


enum PortType:

  • PORT_TYPE_SCALAR = 0 --- Floating-point scalar. Translated to float type in shader code.

  • PORT_TYPE_VECTOR = 1 --- 3D vector of floating-point values. Translated to vec3 type in shader code.

  • PORT_TYPE_BOOLEAN = 2 --- Boolean type. Translated to bool type in shader code.

  • PORT_TYPE_TRANSFORM = 3 --- Transform type. Translated to mat4 type in shader code.

  • PORT_TYPE_SAMPLER = 4 --- Sampler type. Translated to reference of sampler uniform in shader code. Can only be used for input ports in non-uniform nodes.

  • PORT_TYPE_MAX = 5 --- Represents the size of the PortType enum.

Property Descriptions

  • int output_port_for_preview







Sets the output port index which will be showed for preview. If set to -1 no port will be open for preview.

Method Descriptions

  • Array get_default_input_values ( ) const

Returns an Array containing default values for all of the input ports of the node in the form [index0, value0, index1, value1, ...].

  • Variant get_input_port_default_value ( int port ) const

Returns the default value of the input port.

  • void set_default_input_values ( Array values )

Sets the default input ports values using an Array of the form [index0, value0, index1, value1, ...]. For example: [0, Vector3(0, 0, 0), 1, Vector3(0, 0, 0)].

  • void set_input_port_default_value ( int port, Variant value )

Sets the default value for the selected input port.