Inherits: PrimitiveMesh < Mesh < Resource < Reference < Object

Class representing a spherical PrimitiveMesh.


Class representing a spherical PrimitiveMesh.

Property Descriptions

Default 2.0
Setter set_height(value)
Getter get_height()

Full height of the sphere.

  • bool is_hemisphere
Default false
Setter set_is_hemisphere(value)
Getter get_is_hemisphere()

If true, a hemisphere is created rather than a full sphere.

Note: To get a regular hemisphere, the height and radius of the sphere must be equal.

  • int radial_segments
Default 64
Setter set_radial_segments(value)
Getter get_radial_segments()

Number of radial segments on the sphere.

Default 1.0
Setter set_radius(value)
Getter get_radius()

Radius of sphere.

Default 32
Setter set_rings(value)
Getter get_rings()

Number of segments along the height of the sphere.