Inherits: Node < Object

A countdown timer.


Counts down a specified interval and emits a signal on reaching 0. Can be set to repeat or "one-shot" mode.

Note: To create an one-shot timer without instantiating a node, use SceneTree.create_timer.


bool is_stopped ( ) const
void start ( float time_sec=-1 )
void stop ( )


  • timeout ( )

Emitted when the timer reaches 0.


enum TimerProcessMode:

  • TIMER_PROCESS_PHYSICS = 0 --- Update the timer during the physics step at each frame (fixed framerate processing).
  • TIMER_PROCESS_IDLE = 1 --- Update the timer during the idle time at each frame.

Property Descriptions

Default false
Setter set_autostart(value)
Getter has_autostart()

If true, the timer will automatically start when entering the scene tree.

Note: This property is automatically set to false after the timer enters the scene tree and starts.

Default false
Setter set_one_shot(value)
Getter is_one_shot()

If true, the timer will stop when reaching 0. If false, it will restart.

Setter set_paused(value)
Getter is_paused()

If true, the timer is paused and will not process until it is unpaused again, even if start is called.

Default 1
Setter set_timer_process_mode(value)
Getter get_timer_process_mode()

Processing mode. See TimerProcessMode.

Getter get_time_left()

The timer's remaining time in seconds. Returns 0 if the timer is inactive.

Note: You cannot set this value. To change the timer's remaining time, use start.

Default 1.0
Setter set_wait_time(value)
Getter get_wait_time()

Wait time in seconds.

Method Descriptions

  • bool is_stopped ( ) const

Returns true if the timer is stopped.

  • void start ( float time_sec=-1 )

Starts the timer. Sets wait_time to time_sec if time_sec > 0. This also resets the remaining time to wait_time.

Note: this method will not resume a paused timer. See paused.

  • void stop ( )

Stops the timer.