What is Visual ScriptingΒΆ

Visual Scripting is a tool designed to make the entry barrier to programming much lower. As code is more visual, it needs less abstract thinking to be understood. Any artist, animator, game designer, etc. can look at it and quickly grasp the flow of logic.

The reason it does not make existing programming obsolete is, simply, that it does not scale as well. It takes considerably more time to create code with it, and it's often more difficult to modify than just writing a few characters.

With the misunderstanding cleared up, the question that remains is what are the practical uses for Visual Scripting.

The most common use cases are as follows:

  • Game development beginners who want to learn an engine but have no programming experience yet.

  • Artists and Game Designers who have no experience in programming and want to create quick prototypes or simple games.

  • Programmers working in a team that want to make part of the game logic available to Artists or Game Designers in order to offload some of their work.

These scenarios are far more common than one might think, so this is why Godot has added this feature.