Godot 출시 정책

Godot's release policy is in constant evolution. What is described below is intended to give a general idea of what to expect, but what will actually happen depends on the choices of core contributors, and the needs of the community at a given time.

Godot versioning

Godot loosely follows Semantic Versioning with a major.minor.patch versioning system, albeit with an interpretation of each term adapted to the complexity of a game engine:

  • The major version is incremented when major compatibility breakages happen which imply significant porting work to move projects from one major version to another.

    For example, porting Godot projects from Godot 2.1 to Godot 3.0 required running the project through a conversion tool, and then performing a number of further adjustments manually for what the tool could not do automatically.

  • The minor version is incremented for feature releases which do not break compatibility in a major way. Minor compatibility breakage in very specific areas may happen in minor versions, but the vast majority of projects should not be affected or require significant porting work.

    The reason for this is that as a game engine, Godot covers many areas such as rendering, physics, scripting, etc., and fixing bugs or implementing new features in a given area may sometimes require changing the behavior of a feature, or modifying the interface of a given class, even if the rest of the engine API remains backwards compatible.

Upgrading to a new minor version is therefore recommended for all users, but some testing is necessary to ensure that your project still behaves as expected in a new minor version.

  • The patch version is incremented for maintenance releases which focus on fixing bugs and security issues, implementing new requirements for platform support, and backporting safe usability enhancements. Patch releases are backwards compatible.

    Patch versions may include minor new features which do not impact the existing API, and thus have no risk of impacting existing projects.

Updating to new patch versions is therefore considered safe and strongly recommended to all users of a given stable branch.

We call major.minor combinations stable branches. Each stable branch starts with a major.minor release (without the 0 for patch) and is further developed for maintenance releases in a Git branch of the same name (for example patch updates for the 3.3 stable branch are developed in the 3.3 Git branch).


As mentioned in the introduction, Godot's release policy is evolving, and earlier Godot releases may not have followed the above rules to the letter. In particular, the 3.2 stable branch received a number of new features in 3.2.2 which would have warranted a minor version increment.

Release support timeline

Stable branches are supported at minimum until the next stable branch is released and has received its first patch update. In practice, we support stable branches on a best effort basis for as long as they have active users who need maintenance updates.

Whenever a new major version is released, we make the previous stable branch a long-term supported release, and do our best to provide fixes for issues encountered by users of that branch who cannot port complex projects to the new major version. This is the case for the 2.1 branch, and will be the case for the latest 3.x stable branch by the time Godot 4.0 is released.


출시 일자

지원 수준

Godot 4.0

~2021년(이하 참조)

unstable 현재 개발 중 (unstable).

Godot 3.4

2021년 2분기 혹은 3분기

supported Beta. Receives new features as well as bug fixes while under development.

Godot 3.3

2021년 4월

supported Receives fixes for bugs, security and platform support issues, as well as backwards-compatible usability enhancements.

Godot 3.2

2020년 1월

eol 호환되는 3.3버전으로 완전히 대체되어 지원 종료(마지막 업데이트 3.2.3).

Godot 3.1

2019년 3월

partial 중요한 보안 및 플랫폼 지원을 위한 수정만 제공(마지막 업데이트 : 3.1.2).

Godot 3.0

2018년 1월

eol 지원 종료(마지막 업데이트 : 3.0.6).

Godot 2.1

2016년 7월

partial 중요한 보안 및 플랫폼 지원을 위한 수정만 제공(마지막 업데이트 : 2.1.6).

Godot 2.0

2016년 2월

eol 지원 종료(마지막 업데이트 :

Godot 1.1

2015년 5월

eol 지원 종료.

Godot 1.0

2014년 12월

eol 지원 종료.

범례: supported 지원 - partial 부분 지원 - eol 지원 없음(종료) - unstable 개발 버전

Godot의 사전 배포판은 제작에 사용되는 것을 염두한 것이 아니며 테스팅 목적으로만 제공되고 있습니다.

다음 버전은 언제 출시되나요?

Godot 기여자들이 마감 기한을 정해두고 일하는 것은 아니지만 지금까지 매년 1회 메이저 또는 마이너 버전을 출시했고 그 사이에도 몇 차례 유지 보수 업데이트를 실시했습니다.

Godot 3.3부터는 마이너 릴리즈의 개발 사이클을 앞당기는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다. 그래서 3개월에서 6개월마다 새로운 마이너 버전 출시를 기대할 수 있습니다.

Maintenance (patch) releases will be released as needed with potentially very short development cycles, to provide users of the current stable branch with the latest bug fixes for their production needs.

As for the upcoming Godot 4.0, we can only say that we aim for a 2021 release, but any closer estimate is likely to be hard to uphold. Alpha builds will be published as soon as the main features for Godot 4.0 are finalized.