Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Plays audio in 2D.


float get_playback_position ( )
AudioStreamPlayback get_stream_playback ( )
void play ( float from_position=0.0 )
void seek ( float to_position )
void stop ( )


  • finished ( )

Emitted when the audio stops playing.


Plays audio that dampens with distance from screen center.


Property Descriptions

  • int area_mask
Setter set_area_mask(value)
Getter get_area_mask()

Areas in which this sound plays.

Setter set_attenuation(value)
Getter get_attenuation()

Dampens audio over distance with this as an exponent.

Setter set_autoplay(value)
Getter is_autoplay_enabled()

If true, audio plays when added to scene tree. Default value: false.

Setter set_bus(value)
Getter get_bus()

Bus on which this audio is playing.

Setter set_max_distance(value)
Getter get_max_distance()

Maximum distance from which audio is still hearable.

Setter set_pitch_scale(value)
Getter get_pitch_scale()

Changes the pitch and the tempo of the audio.

Getter is_playing()

If true, audio is playing.

Setter set_stream(value)
Getter get_stream()

The AudioStream object to be played.

  • bool stream_paused
Setter set_stream_paused(value)
Getter get_stream_paused()

Setter set_volume_db(value)
Getter get_volume_db()

Base volume without dampening.

Method Descriptions

  • float get_playback_position ( )

Returns the position in the AudioStream.

  • void play ( float from_position=0.0 )

Plays the audio from the given position ‘from_position’, in seconds.

  • void seek ( float to_position )

Sets the position from which audio will be played, in seconds.

  • void stop ( )

Stops the audio.