Console support in Godot

Official support

Godot currently does not officially support consoles (except the Xbox One using UWP).

The reasons for this are:

  • To develop for consoles, one must be licensed as a company. As an open source project, Godot does not have such a legal figure.
  • Console SDKs are secret and covered by non-disclosure agreements. Even if we could get access to them, we could not publish the platform-specific code under an open source license.
  • Consoles require specialized hardware to develop for, so regular individuals can’t create games for them anyway.

However, it is still possible to port your games to consoles thanks to services provided by third-party companies.

Third-party support

Console ports of Godot are offered by third-party companies (which have ported Godot on their own). These companies also offer publishing of your games to various consoles.

Following is the list of providers: