Inherits: Range < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Inherited By: HSlider, VSlider

Category: Core

Brief Description

Base class for GUI Sliders.


Base class for GUI Sliders.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_editable(value)
Getter is_editable()

If true, the slider can be interacted with. If false, the value can be changed only by code.

Setter set_focus_mode(value)
Getter get_focus_mode()

Setter set_scrollable(value)
Getter is_scrollable()

If true, the value can be changed using the mouse wheel.

  • int tick_count
Setter set_ticks(value)
Getter get_ticks()

Number of ticks displayed on the slider, including border ticks. Ticks are uniformly-distributed value markers.

  • bool ticks_on_borders
Setter set_ticks_on_borders(value)
Getter get_ticks_on_borders()

If true, the slider will display ticks for minimum and maximum values.