Inherits: Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Resource filesystem, as the editor sees it.


  • filesystem_changed ( )

Emitted if the filesystem changed.

Remitted if a resource is reimported.

  • sources_changed ( bool exist )

Emitted if the source of any imported file changed.


This object holds information of all resources in the filesystem, their types, etc.

Method Descriptions

Get the type of the file, given the full path.

Get the root directory object.

Returns a view into the filesystem at path.

  • float get_scanning_progress ( ) const

Returns the scan progress for 0 to 1 if the FS is being scanned.

  • bool is_scanning ( ) const

Returns true of the filesystem is being scanned.

  • void scan ( )

Scan the filesystem for changes.

  • void scan_sources ( )

Check if the source of any imported resource changed.

  • void update_file ( String path )

Update a file information. Call this if an external program (not Godot) modified the file.

  • void update_script_classes ( )