Inherits: Texture < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

A Texture based on an Image.


void create ( int width, int height, Format format, int flags=7 )
void create_from_image ( Image image, int flags=7 )
Format get_format ( ) const
Error load ( String path )
void set_data ( Image image )
void set_size_override ( Vector2 size )


enum Storage:

  • STORAGE_RAW = 0Image data is stored raw and unaltered.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY = 1Image data is compressed with a lossy algorithm. You can set the storage quality with lossy_quality.
  • STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSLESS = 2Image data is compressed with a lossless algorithm.


A Texture based on an Image. Can be created from an Image with create_from_image.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_lossy_storage_quality(value)
Getter get_lossy_storage_quality()

The storage quality for STORAGE_COMPRESS_LOSSY.

Setter set_storage(value)
Getter get_storage()

The storage type (raw, lossy, or compressed).

Method Descriptions

Create a new ImageTexture with width and height.

format is a value from Format, flags is any combination of Flags.

  • void create_from_image ( Image image, int flags=7 )

Create a new ImageTexture from an Image with flags from Flags. An sRGB to linear color space conversion can take place, according to Format.

Returns the format of the ImageTexture, one of Format.

Load an ImageTexture from a file path.

  • void set_data ( Image image )

Set the Image of this ImageTexture.

  • void set_size_override ( Vector2 size )

Resizes the ImageTexture to the specified dimensions.