Inherits: Range < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Numerical input text field.

Theme Properties

Texture updown


SpinBox is a numerical input text field. It allows entering integers and floats.


var spin_box = SpinBox.new()
var line_edit = spin_box.get_line_edit()
line_edit.context_menu_enabled = false
spin_box.align = LineEdit.ALIGN_RIGHT

The above code will create a SpinBox, disable context menu on it and set the text alignment to right.

See Range class for more options over the SpinBox.

Property Descriptions

Setter set_align(value)
Getter get_align()

Sets the text alignment of the SpinBox.

Setter set_editable(value)
Getter is_editable()

If true, the SpinBox will be editable. Otherwise, it will be read only.

Setter set_prefix(value)
Getter get_prefix()

Adds the specified prefix string before the numerical value of the SpinBox.

Setter set_suffix(value)
Getter get_suffix()

Adds the specified prefix string after the numerical value of the SpinBox.

Method Descriptions

Returns the LineEdit instance from this SpinBox. You can use it to access properties and methods of LineEdit.