Inherits: Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Parameters to be sent to a 2D shape physics query.


void set_shape ( Resource shape )


This class contains the shape and other parameters for intersection/collision queries.

Property Descriptions

  • bool collide_with_areas
Setter set_collide_with_areas(value)
Getter is_collide_with_areas_enabled()

  • bool collide_with_bodies
Setter set_collide_with_bodies(value)
Getter is_collide_with_bodies_enabled()

  • int collision_layer
Setter set_collision_layer(value)
Getter get_collision_layer()

The physics layer the query should be made on.

Setter set_exclude(value)
Getter get_exclude()

The list of objects or object RIDs, that will be excluded from collisions.

Setter set_margin(value)
Getter get_margin()

The collision margin for the shape.

Setter set_motion(value)
Getter get_motion()

The motion of the shape being queried for.

  • RID shape_rid
Setter set_shape_rid(value)
Getter get_shape_rid()

The RID of the queried shape. See set_shape also.

Setter set_transform(value)
Getter get_transform()

the transform matrix of the queried shape.

Method Descriptions

Set the Shape2D that will be used for collision/intersection queries.