Exporting for iOS

These are the steps to load a Godot project in Xcode. This allows you to build and deploy to an iOS device, build a release for the App Store, and do everything else you can normally do with Xcode.


  • You must export for iOS from a computer running macOS with Xcode installed.
  • Download the Godot export templates. Use the Godot menu: Editor > Manage Export Templates

Export a Godot project to Xcode

In the Godot editor, open the Export window from the Project menu. When the Export window opens, click Add.. and select iOS.

The following export options are required. Leaving any blank will cause the exporter to throw an error:

  • In the Application category * App Store Team ID
  • Everything in the Required Icons category
  • Everything in the Landscape Launch Screens category
  • Everything in the Portrait Launch Screens category

After you click Export Project, there are still two important options left:

  • Path is an empty folder that will contain the exported Xcode project files.
  • File will be the name of the Xcode project and several project specific files and directories.


This tutorial uses exported_xcode_project_name, but you will use your project’s name. When you see exported_xcode_project_name in the following steps, replace it with the name you used instead.


Avoid using spaces when you choose your exported_xcode_project_name as this can lead to corruption in your XCode project file.

When the export completes, the output folder should look like this:


Opening exported_xcode_project_name.xcodeproj lets you build and deploy like any other iOS app.

Active development considerations

The above method creates an exported project that you can build for release, but you have to re-export every time you make a change in Godot.

While developing, you can speed this process up by linking your Godot project files directly into your app.

In the following example:

  • exported_xcode_project_name is the name of the exported iOS application (as above).
  • godot_project_to_export is the name of the Godot project.

Services for iOS

Special iOS services can be used in Godot. Check out the Services for iOS page.