Inherits: Spatial < Node < Object

Inherited By: ConeTwistJoint, Generic6DOFJoint, HingeJoint, PinJoint, SliderJoint

Category: Core

Brief Description

Base class for all 3D joints


Joints are used to bind together two physics bodies. They have a solver priority and can define if the bodies of the two attached nodes should be able to collide with each other.

Property Descriptions

  • bool collision/exclude_nodes
Setter set_exclude_nodes_from_collision(value)
Getter get_exclude_nodes_from_collision()

If true, the two bodies of the nodes are not able to collide with each other.

Setter set_node_a(value)
Getter get_node_a()

The node attached to the first side (A) of the joint.

Setter set_node_b(value)
Getter get_node_b()

The node attached to the second side (B) of the joint.

  • int solver/priority
Setter set_solver_priority(value)
Getter get_solver_priority()

The priority used to define which solver is executed first for multiple joints. The lower the value, the higher the priority.