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Inherits: CSGPrimitive3D < CSGShape3D < GeometryInstance3D < VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

A CSG Mesh shape that uses a mesh resource.


This CSG node allows you to use any mesh resource as a CSG shape, provided it is closed, does not self-intersect, does not contain internal faces and has no edges that connect to more than two faces. See also CSGPolygon3D for drawing 2D extruded polygons to be used as CSG nodes.

Note: CSG nodes are intended to be used for level prototyping. Creating CSG nodes has a significant CPU cost compared to creating a MeshInstance3D with a PrimitiveMesh. Moving a CSG node within another CSG node also has a significant CPU cost, so it should be avoided during gameplay.







Property Descriptions

Material material

The Material used in drawing the CSG shape.

Mesh mesh

  • void set_mesh ( Mesh value )

  • Mesh get_mesh ( )

The Mesh resource to use as a CSG shape.

Note: When using an ArrayMesh, avoid meshes with vertex normals unless a flat shader is required. By default, CSGMesh will ignore the mesh's vertex normals and use a smooth shader calculated using the faces' normals. If a flat shader is required, ensure that all faces' vertex normals are parallel.