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This page is up to date for Godot 4.0. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Using the Android editor

In 2023, we added a Android port of the editor that can be used to work on new or existing projects on Android devices.


The Android editor is in beta testing stage, while we continue to refine the experience, and bring it up to parity with the Desktop version of the editor. See Required Permissions below.

Android devices support

The Android editor requires devices running Android 5 Lollipop or higher, with at least OpenGL 3 support. This includes (not exhaustive):

  • Android tablets, foldables and large phones

  • Android-powered netbooks

  • Chromebooks supporting Android apps

Required Permissions

The Android editor requires the All files access permission. The permission allows the editor to create / import / read project files from any file locations on the device. Without the permission, the editor is still functional, but has limited access to the device's files and directories.

Limitations & known issues

Here are the known limitations and issues of the Android editor:

  • No C#/Mono support

  • No GDExtension support

  • No support for external script editors

  • While available, the Vulkan Forward+ renderer is not recommended due to severe performance issues

  • No support for building and exporting an Android APK binary. As a workaround, you can generate and export a Godot PCK or ZIP file

  • No support for building and exporting binaries for other platforms

  • Performance and stability issues when using the Vulkan Mobile renderer for a project

  • UX not optimized for Android phones form-factor

  • Android Go devices lacks the All files access permission required for device read/write access. As a workaround, when using a Android Go device, it's recommended to create new projects only in the Android Documents or Downloads directories.

  • The editor doesn't properly resume when Don't keep activities is enabled in the Developer Options

See also

See the list of open issues on GitHub related to the Android editor for a list of known bugs.