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HTTP client classΒΆ

HTTPClient provides low-level access to HTTP communication. For a higher-level interface, you may want to take a look at HTTPRequest first, which has a tutorial available here.


When exporting to Android, make sure to enable the INTERNET permission in the Android export preset before exporting the project or using one-click deploy. Otherwise, network communication of any kind will be blocked by Android.

Here's an example of using the HTTPClient class. It's just a script, so it can be run by executing:

c:\godot> godot -s

It will connect and fetch a website.

extends SceneTree

# HTTPClient demo
# This simple class can do HTTP requests; it will not block, but it needs to be polled.

func _init():
    var err = 0
    var http = # Create the Client.

    err = http.connect_to_host("", 80) # Connect to host/port.
    assert(err == OK) # Make sure connection is OK.

    # Wait until resolved and connected.
    while http.get_status() == HTTPClient.STATUS_CONNECTING or http.get_status() == HTTPClient.STATUS_RESOLVING:
        if not OS.has_feature