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This page is up to date for Godot 4.0. If you still find outdated information, please open an issue.

Exporting for macOS

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This page describes how to export a Godot project to macOS. If you're looking to compile editor or export template binaries from source instead, read Compiling for macOS.

macOS apps are exported as an .app bundle, a folder with a specific structure which stores the executable, libraries and all the project files. This bundle can be exported as is, packed in a ZIP archive or DMG disk image (only supported when exporting from a computer running macOS).


  • Download the Godot export templates. Use the Godot menu: Editor > Manage Export Templates.

  • A valid and unique Bundle identifier should be set in the Application section of the export options.


Projects exported without code signing and notarization will be blocked by Gatekeeper if they are downloaded from unknown sources, see the Running Godot apps on macOS page for more information.

Code signing and notarization

By default, macOS will run only applications that are signed and notarized. If you use any other signing configuration, see Running Godot apps on macOS for workarounds.

To notarize an app, you must have a valid Apple Developer ID Certificate.

If you have an Apple Developer ID Certificate and exporting from macOS

Install Xcode command line tools and open Xcode at least once or run the sudo xcodebuild -license accept command to accept license agreement.

To sign exported app

  • Select Xcode codesign in the Code Signing > Codesign option.

  • Set valid Apple ID certificate identity (certificate "Common Name") in the Code Signing > Identity section.

To notarize exported app

  • Select Xcode altool in the Notarization > Notarization option.

  • Disable the Debugging entitlement.

  • Set valid Apple ID login / app. specific password or App Store Connect API UUID / Key in the Notarization section.

You can use the xcrun notarytool history command to check notarization status and use the xcrun notarytool log {ID} command to download the notarization log.

If you encounter notarization issues, see Resolving common notarization issues for more info.

After notarization is completed, staple the ticket to the exported project.

If you have an Apple Developer ID Certificate and exporting from Linux or Windows