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Inherits: SkeletonModification2D < Resource < RefCounted < Object

A modification that holds and executes a SkeletonModificationStack2D.


This SkeletonModification2D holds a reference to a SkeletonModificationStack2D, allowing you to use multiple modification stacks on a single Skeleton2D.

Note: The modifications in the held SkeletonModificationStack2D will only be executed if their execution mode matches the execution mode of the SkeletonModification2DStackHolder.



get_held_modification_stack ( ) const


set_held_modification_stack ( SkeletonModificationStack2D held_modification_stack )

Method Descriptions

SkeletonModificationStack2D get_held_modification_stack ( ) const

Returns the SkeletonModificationStack2D that this modification is holding.

void set_held_modification_stack ( SkeletonModificationStack2D held_modification_stack )

Sets the SkeletonModificationStack2D that this modification is holding. This modification stack will then be executed when this modification is executed.