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Inherits: ImageTextureLayered < TextureLayered < Texture < Resource < RefCounted < Object

A single composite texture resource which consists of multiple Cubemaps.


CubemapArrays are made of an array of Cubemaps. Accordingly, like Cubemaps they are made of multiple textures the amount of which must be divisible by 6 (one image for each face of the cube). The primary benefit of CubemapArrays is that they can be accessed in shader code using a single texture reference. In other words, you can pass multiple Cubemaps into a shader using a single CubemapArray.

Generally, CubemapArrays provide a more efficient way for storing multiple Cubemaps compared to storing multiple Cubemaps themselves in an array.

Internally, Godot uses CubemapArrays for many effects including the Sky, if you set ProjectSettings.rendering/reflections/sky_reflections/texture_array_reflections to true.

To create such a texture file yourself, reimport your image files using the Godot Editor import presets.

Note: CubemapArray is not supported in the OpenGL 3 rendering backend.



create_placeholder ( ) const

Method Descriptions

Resource create_placeholder ( ) const

Creates a placeholder version of this resource (PlaceholderCubemapArray).