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Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

A parallax scrolling layer to be used with ParallaxBackground.


A ParallaxLayer must be the child of a ParallaxBackground node. Each ParallaxLayer can be set to move at different speeds relative to the camera movement or the ParallaxBackground.scroll_offset value.

This node's children will be affected by its scroll offset.

Note: Any changes to this node's position and scale made after it enters the scene will be ignored.




Vector2(0, 0)



Vector2(0, 0)



Vector2(1, 1)

Property Descriptions

Vector2 motion_mirroring = Vector2(0, 0)

The interval, in pixels, at which the ParallaxLayer is drawn repeatedly. Useful for creating an infinitely scrolling background. If an axis is set to 0, the ParallaxLayer will be drawn only once along that direction.

Note: If you want the repetition to pixel-perfect match a Texture2D displayed by a child node, you should account for any scale applied to the texture when defining this interval. For example, if you use a child Sprite2D scaled to 0.5 to display a 600x600 texture, and want this sprite to be repeated continuously horizontally, you should set the mirroring to Vector2(300, 0).

Note: If the length of the viewport axis is bigger than twice the repeated axis size, it will not repeat infinitely, as the parallax layer only draws 2 instances of the layer at any given time. The visibility window is calculated from the parent ParallaxBackground's position, not the layer's own position. So, if you use mirroring, do not change the ParallaxLayer position relative to its parent. Instead, if you need to adjust the background's position, set the CanvasLayer.offset property in the parent ParallaxBackground.

Note: Despite the name, the layer will not be mirrored, it will only be repeated.

Vector2 motion_offset = Vector2(0, 0)

  • void set_motion_offset ( Vector2 value )

  • Vector2 get_motion_offset ( )

The ParallaxLayer's offset relative to the parent ParallaxBackground's ParallaxBackground.scroll_offset.

Vector2 motion_scale = Vector2(1, 1)

  • void set_motion_scale ( Vector2 value )

  • Vector2 get_motion_scale ( )

Multiplies the ParallaxLayer's motion. If an axis is set to 0, it will not scroll.