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The content of this page was not yet updated for Godot 4.1 and may be outdated. If you know how to improve this page or you can confirm that it's up to date, feel free to open a pull request.

Default editor shortcuts

Many of Godot Editor functions can be executed with keyboard shortcuts. This page lists functions which have associated shortcuts by default, but many others are available for customization in editor settings as well. To change keys associated with these and other actions navigate to Editor -> Editor Settings -> Shortcuts.

While some actions are universal, a lot of shortcuts are specific to individual tools. For this reason it is possible for some key combinations to be assigned to more than one function. The correct action will be performed depending on the context.


While Windows and Linux builds of the editor share most of the default settings, some shortcuts may differ for macOS version. This is done for better integration of the editor into macOS ecosystem. Users fluent with standard shortcuts on that OS should find Godot Editor's default key mapping intuitive.

General Editor Actions

Action name

Windows, Linux


Editor setting

Open 2D Editor

Ctrl + F1

Alt + 1


Open 3D Editor

Ctrl + F2

Alt + 2


Open Script Editor

Ctrl + F3

Alt + 3


Search Help


Alt + Space


Distraction Free Mode

Ctrl + Shift + F11

Cmd + Ctrl + D


Next tab

Ctrl + Tab

Cmd + Tab


Previous tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Cmd + Shift + Tab


Filter Files

Ctrl + Alt + P

Cmd + Alt + P


Open Scene

Ctrl + O

Cmd + O


Close Scene

Ctrl + Shift + W

Cmd + Shift + W


Reopen Closed Scene

Ctrl + Shift + T

Cmd + Shift + T